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Saturday, November 3

Hero Icons from Lois

Lois sent in some fabulous icons. I noticed that a majority are of JA heroes and quite a few are NOT Mr. Darcy! Bring 'em on! You have until midnight tomorrow until the icon contest closes.



Sense And Sensibility

Pride and Prejudice

Last but not least, I just HAD to add this icon of Jerry Butler as the Phantom of the Opera. He's not part of the contest, but, oh, be still my beating heart. Yummylicious!

1 comment:

Lois said...

LOL Aww, thank you! Well, yep, when I can, I do have a tendency of focusing on my favorite versions of the heroes, but some are simply from pictures that were supplied. And these are the ones of mine that I didn't think sucked badly. LOL I'm not good at icon making, what can I say -- but I keep trying. :)

And, alas, I didn't make the Phantom siggie, but I sure haven't changed it in a good couple years 'cause I just love it! :)