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Tuesday, November 27

Jane: Is She Really Not That Into Us?

Here's an interesting take on Jane Austen from an article by Mikita Brottman published today in the Huffington Post:

There's no point trying to understand what it is about Jane Austen that's so compelling to today's women, because Jane Austen™ has very little to do with Jane Austen. Jane Austen™ is a retro fantasy creation, a sassy, ironic, independent woman. Jane Austen™ is all about social snubs, overheard conversations, implied relationships, and signifiers of status, especially hair and clothes. Jane Austen™ thrives in social enclaves full of privileged women obsessed with material wealth, class distinctions, and, always, the underlying
mating dance.
This sweeping statement colors all Janeites with the same brush. Frankly, I see very little of myself in it, since I read Jane for pleasure and approach her era from an historical perspective, much like the other ladies in my local Janeite group.

Update: Interestingly, Austen blog used the same 'brush' analogy as I did. Aren't we Janeites amazingly in sync with one another?


Mags said...

It's interesting we had the same reaction to it! But I really get impatient with writers trying to force all Janeites into the same little box. And the HuffPo readers didn't buy it, either--one of them actually said her comments smacked of snobbishness.

Ms. Place said...

I'm in great company if I inadvertently echoed your words!

Don't these lah-dee-da journalists realize that most Janeites are enthralled by Jane's quick wit and enormous talent, and that we don't give a crying fig for all that other STUFF?

Well, er, uh ... ok. But Jane's talent and insights come RIRST.

pemberlolly said...

Ok, what with the tm trade mark with Jane's name?

Laurel Ann the clueless!

bookchronicle said...

Very interesting! I must agree that I don't see myself in that statement either.