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Saturday, December 15

Change in Header Font

Aaargh! Some weird things have been happening to this blog's header over the past few weeks that I could not fix. While I was content with the old look (see above) I could not get it back to save my life. So I created a new banner. It looks great on my monitor, but as soon as I import the image into the blogger template, the edges of the fonts get blurred, giving them a muddy effect.
Until I figure out what's going on, this new banner will have to do. Meanwhile, back to the fun stuff. In my next post I'll share some fascinating facts in celebration of Jane's birthday!


Laura said...

Is the banner the same size as the template requires? Maybe Blogger is trying to resize your image, which is why it looks blurred. Ah, yes, I see Blogger wants the image to be 709px by 291px--yet your image is 878px by 360px. If you resize to fit the Blogger dimensions, I bet it will look just like you want it.

Ms. Place said...

Thank you, Laura. I'll try your suggestions.