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Sunday, December 16

More Darcy/Firth Sites

Two sites designed for Darcy-Firth maniacs provide tons of icons, graphics, and information. Neither is new, but they are loaded with information.

No, No, The Green One: Darcy's Favorite Graphics Journal offers icons like these.

And is a simply amazing site, or major as Posh Spice would say, with fan fiction, fan forums, and a number of links leading to social customs in the Regency world (I must amend this: the old site led to social customs, the new site has not yet developed this links). The only catch to this site is that you must log in to view the contents.

Oh, and as a reminder: Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!


A day in the life said...

Thanks for your comment! I hope its okay to put you on my blog list of blogs I read, because your blog is great!

Ms. Place said...

I adore being linked to! And thank you for the compliment.