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Wednesday, December 19

Seen on the Blogosphere

Period Property: The Woodworker's Pride and Joy is an article about the restoration of the wood paneling in Groombridge Place, the setting for the Bennet family home in the 2005 movie remake of Pride & Prejudice.

Find a breathtaking post by Linda Merrill in Surroundings about Stokesay, the Shropshire Mansion that was used for the setting in part of the movie, Atonement. The only connection between this mansion and Jane Austen, of course, would be actress Keira Knightley, who played Lizzie Bennet in P&P and the romantic lead in Atonement.

Click here to see a six-page sequence for a manga-style adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice',Chapter 34, to be published in Fall 2007. The scenes of this first proposal are illustrated by sequential artist Tintin Pantoja.

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