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Monday, January 14

Jane Austen Sequels is Running a Contest

Win a free book of Lydia Bennet's Story by Jane Odiwe and enter the competition. To celebrate the publication of Lydia Bennet's Story, Lydia has a copy of her novel and a set of seven Effusions of Fancy greetings cards for anyone who can put her favourite interests and pursuits in the correct order, beginning with her best-loved preference.
There are five to put in the right sequence:

  • Trimming a bonnet
  • Dancing
  • Going to Meryton
  • Mending Mr Bennet's shirts
  • Chasing Officers

The competition is open for a week until 20 th January. Please send answers (don't forget to include your name) in order of Lydia's preference to the following e-mail address: effusions at btinternet dot com (say it out loud). The winner will be announced on Monday, 21st January.

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