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Sunday, January 6

Masterpiece Theatre Teacher Guide for Jane Austen Series

Inquiring readers,

As you might have guessed, during the days leading up to The Complete Jane Austen Series on PBS next Sunday, I will be covering various aspects of each episode that comes up, in this instance Persuasion.

In anticipation of huge teacher and student interest in this series, PBS has created a wonderful The Complete Guide to Teaching Jane Austen. Click on the bolded words to download the 28-p PDF document.

As you watch the series, also visit Remotely Connected. Remotely Connected is a guest blogger project PBS began with the winter / spring TV season. The network has decided to continue this feature for the Jane Austen Series. For Remotely Connected, PBS invites a small, diverse group of bloggers to present their perspectives on the Jane Austen programs in an open forum to initiate conversations and generate dialog. Stay tuned for a nice surprise, as many of you will recognize the guest bloggers. Don't be shy, and join the conversation!

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Lady Jane said...

How exciting!!! I will have to download everything I possibly can. You always have such excellent posts, Ms. Place!