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Wednesday, January 16

Seen on the Blogosphere: More Rupert

Can't get enough of Rupert Penry-Jones as yummy Captain Wentworth? Click here to see him in Persuasion videos - find about 20 or so YouTube clips on this site.

Speaking of videos, you can watch a hilarious video of Sally/Anne running through Bath at The parody includes Run Lola Run, one of my all time favorite movies.

Rupert Penry-Jones online features a gazillion articles about the actor.

Look for Rupert/Persuasion icons #169-176 on Angelfish. (Also 129-134, and 41 -76, which include Persuasion 1995 icons as well as those from the 2007 movie version.)

Don't have time for a gazillion articles? Here's one interview with Rupert in Nuts4Chic that will tell you everything about him in, well, a nut-shell.

In this video he looks just as yummy hanging around a set in full costume waiting for a scene to start as he does playing the role of dashing Captain Wentworth.

Lights, Camera ... History rates three of Jane Austen's heroes as among the top ten in history: Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, and Colonel Brandon. Anyone for Henry Tilney?

Both icons by Angelfish icons, Posted by Ms. Place

1 comment:

MiLi said...

He is so amazing. I can't stop watching his facial expressions when he finds out Anne refused Charles.

My roommate and I are officially obsessed with him. I made a desktop background for us featuring him as Captain Wentworth.

Insert more fangirling here...

I love your blog. :)