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Saturday, February 2

Austen Power vs. Super Bowl

News Flash! In the spirit of Austen Power counter-programming FOX will be airing the Super Bowl on Sunday February 3rd, overlapping the premiere of the biopic, Miss Austen Regrets, at 9:00 pm on PBS. The fact that the time slot conflicts with the fourth installment of the Austenpalooza does not really concern us much. We are just flattered that the big mighty NFL needed to play their programming wildcard to steal away Austen viewers. Quite a complement really.

Advance reviews of Miss Austen Regrets are here. Do not read any further if you are easily put off by spoilers.


"There is so much to recommend the PBS biographical film about Austen airing Sunday night. "Miss Austen Regrets" ripples with superb performances, glorious cinematography, thrilling direction and careful attention to authenticity in set and costumes." David Weigan, San Francisco Cronicle

"…screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes (the excellent kidnapping miniseries "Five Days") has drawn some serious curlicues around the few available facts -- and she has definitely done her homework -- she has also managed to create plausible characters and crises." Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times


"Regrets" is a bummer from start to finish. It's as if its makers set out to depress every unmarried literature major in the English-speaking world. If you love to love Jane Austen adaptations, give this a wide berth, and hold out for the 1995 adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" that airs over several weeks, beginning next Sunday." Kevin McDonough, South Coast Today

"The badly paced film jumps around far too much, and that if that’s not annoying enough, lots of time is expended on the marriage prospects of Jane’s neice Fanny (Imogen Poots), who’s really quite boring (at least in this adaptation)." Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune

So, if you win the battle of the remote at your house, be sure to tape the last half hour of the Super Bowl for those in your household who prefer Tom Brady to a Lizzy Bennet!

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miss cavendish said...

Have you read Jane Austen's prediction of the Super Bowl winner? If not, it's on McSweeney's Web site.