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Thursday, February 7

Embracing Austenmania

Penguin Classics, those wonderful book publishers who have been supporting classic authors since 1838, have a great section on their web site promoting The Complete Jane Austen series on Masterpiece Classics. It includes a calendar listing of the air dates for each of the adaptations, a video trailer for the series, and a biography of Jane Austen.

They are the official book publisher for the PBS series and are offering each of Jane Austen’s major novel’s in trade paperback size, which include insightful introductions to the novels and an unabridged text. Each of the six covers features beautiful classic portraits of Regency era ladies and the gold embossed Masterpiece Classics emblem.

For those of us who can never have too much of our favorite authoress, explore the Austen-Mania section which features a fun quiz to challenge your Austen trivia habit. Go further on to discover a section devoted to books, movies, and scholars inspired by Jane Austen. The list of featured Austen inspired title’s is quite impressive including; The Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowler, The Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, by Laurie Vera Rigler, Lost in Austen, by Emma Campbell Webster, and Dear Jane Austen, by Patrice Hannon.

A big thank you to Penguin Classics for designing beautiful editions of Jane Austen’s novels, and embracing our Austenmania by publishing Austen inspired authors. Bravo!

Posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Anonymous said...

I scored 9/10 on the quiz -- I missed the one that was about Jane personally and not about her novels. :-)

I'm so tempted to buy the new set of books, but I already have two or three copies of each of the six novels . . . a hard-cover of just the full text and then a Norton Critical Edition that includes footnotes and tons of historical and critical information at the end. Do I need a third copy of each one . . . hmmm . . . decisions, decisions! LOL

Vic said...

Whew, Laurel Ann, I scored a 10. And Kaye, one can never own too much Austen.