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Thursday, February 21

Icon Competition: Win a Becoming Jane DVD!

Did you like Becoming Jane when the movie came out last summer? Would you like a chance to win the new Becoming Jane DVD for Region One? This contest is simple. You have seven days (from today until midnight on February 27th EST) to send in your icons of either Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy) or Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway). We will accept only 2 icons per person. So choose only your best! Send icons to msplace71 at yahoo dot com or include them in the comment section. (I would prefer that you add them to your comment, if possible.)

Starting February 28th, voters will have one week to choose their favorite icon of Jane and Tom. The winner of each icon will receive a DVD. That's right. We are giving away two DVDs. Do you need inspiration? Here's a clip from the movie in which Tom explains his duty to his family to Jane.

For those who cannot wait to view the DVD, click here to order it.

DVD Specs

DVD Available : Now
Feature run time: 120 minutes
Rated: PG

Bonus Features

  • Discovering the Real Jane Austen – The best known author of her era, she continues to sell books and inspire films almost two hundred years after her death, but what do we really know about Jane Austen? Find out some surprising truths in this fascinating featurette.
  • Becoming Jane Pop-Up Facts & Footnotes - Interactive insights
  • Audio Commentary with director Julian Jarrold, writer Kevin Hood and producer Robert Bernstein
  • 13 Deleted Scenes
Icon submitted by Ms. Place (who is not eligible)


Lady Jane said...

What an excellent contest, Ms. Place!

Agatha Craxie said...

My 2 meager submissions:

Katie said...
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Katie said...
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Katie said...
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Dina said...
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Dina said...

Ok, let's try this again, lol.

I just loved this movie.

Here are my entry links:

Anonymous said...

This is my 2 icons :)

sawcat said...

That was fun. Such a beautiful movie

Ms. Place said...


Please resubmit your icons and send them to my email address: msplace71 at yahoo dot com

Alex said...

This is a great idea for a contest.:)

Dina said...

Alex, well done for your 1st try at icons.

That is how I started one day because of a contest, lol. It gets even funner when you advance, lol.

Anonymous said...