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Friday, February 22

Pride & Prejudice Tops 101 Best Books Ever Written

Mr. Darcy battles Hobbits and Boo Radley, and wins!

Jane Austen’s classic romantic comedy Pride and Prejudice was named the best book ever written in a recent survey by Australian bookseller Dymocks, who are the Barnes & Noble of the Outback. Over 15,000 members voted for their top five favorite books through their Booklovers Best program, and the results are not surprising, but pleasing none-the-less.

JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy placed second, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee rounded out the top three tiles.

This honor supplements last years news that Pride and Prejudice topped the list as the book that the British people could not live without, and the 2006 survey of UK librarians for World Book Day discovered that Pride and Prejudice contained the nation's favourite happy ending.

Well, this is true felicity indeed. It’s rewarding to know that Mr. Darcy rules in many corners of the world!
Posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Lady Jane said...

Mr. Darcy does indeed rule! Excellent news, Laurel Ann!

jane Odiwe said...

I just wish that Jane knows how well-loved her books have become. It breaks my heart to think that she never really knew just what an impact her work had on the world!

We are Dutch and German and said...
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Ms. Place said...

I love that her family so enjoyed Pride and Prejudice that the manuscript made the rounds among family members before the book was published. This must have given Jane some idea of how much pleasure her work gave others.