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Friday, February 15

Seen on the Blogosphere: More on Becoming Jane

According to a quiz I took on the official Becoming Jane DVD site, I am an independent and Forward Thinker. The quiz - Which Jane Are You? - was not only fun, but it was hilarious to have Maggie Smith lecture me as Jane. (When I took the quiz a second time I came across as a rebel.) This site also offers new screen images of Becoming Jane and a reading kit in PDF format.

The Becoming Jane DVD review by Kelvin Cedeno boasts a few images from the movie that I have not seen before. These must be screen shots created by the author of the review.

Sometime in the middle of last night, this blog's counter turned to over 100,000 clicks. Thank you, visitors, for coming to this site and reading our humble words.

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Georgie Lee said...

I should get this from Netflix tomorrow. I can't wait to see it. I'm currently reading "Becoming Jane" by Jon Spence and really enjoying it.