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Wednesday, February 13

Seen on the Blogosphere

On PBS's Remotely Connected, read a review on Lady Catherine de Bourgh by Seth Cassel, a 17-year old high school student. How refreshing to read these wise words by a young Jane fan who happens to live in my home town of Baltimore, MD.

Purchase Valentine Day gifts at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, such as letter sets, soaps, a lace bracelet and a lavender and heart hanger.

Meanwhile, Virginia Solomon of the Northern California of the Jane Austen Society of America has a few choice words to say about the pig in Pride and Prejudice 2005. Click here to read the SFGate article.

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Arti said...

Love the stats and polls you got here that we can actually participate. I've got some other stats and poll results about P&P you and your readers might find interesting too in my P&P post. Again,thanks for a wonderful blog!