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Saturday, March 1

Austen - Stuff: Never Enough of a Good Thing


I am always amazed and delighted with the Jane Austen inspired ‘stuff’ at The Pemberley Shoppe online at Cafépress. The selection is so extensive that one wonders what Jane would be tempted to buy?

There are so many categories to select from; clothing, mugs, totes, stationary, &C that one is hard pressed to make a choice! Those amiable and talented Janeites at The Republic of Pemberley are an industrious bunch of Austen elves, busily creating beautiful Austen themed designs that include some of the famous lines from her novels and letters, or images of the late 18th-century English authoress, who with your help, can indeed be everywhere.

Some of my favorite items as of late are the collection of humorous and insightful magnets that are like little masterpieces of wit and wisdom. One can not but smile when your friends and family place them in the most unlikely of places beyond the classic refrigerator door. Imagine my surprise to find “I shall conquer THIS” greeting me one fine morning on my bathroom mirror! Hah!

Buy early and buy often. Stock up for friends and family as the proceeds benefit a very worthy cause, that wonderful online haven of all things Austen, The Republic of Pemberley.

Posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose

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becca said...

I didn't know this shop existed. Love the magnets.