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Friday, March 21

Seen on the Blogosphere

PBS will air Emma on Easter Sunday at 9 pm. In anticipation of the continuation of The Complete Jane Austen, several sites have been featuring posts about Emma the book or movie:

Emma: Or How Jane Austen Revealed My Inner Know-It-All is a post about our endearing but meddlesome heroine written by Laurie Viera Rigler.

Over at Austenprose, Laurel Ann discusses Mr. Elton's just desserts. Hah! She has also featured several other posts about Emma on her blog.

My latest post on Jane Austen's World examines the origins of a picnic, using the immense work required of the servants for the Box Hill excursion in Emma, 1996.

On Jane Austen Quote of the Day, Lori Smith has been featuring quotes about Emma, Mr. Knightley, and Miss Bates, to name a few of the characters that populate Jane's book.

Kay Daycus compares the two Emma 1996 movie versions, and comes up with a winner.

Harriet Smith has her own blog! Check it out here.

And don't forget to scroll down this blog to read our other posts about Emma! We are also still accepting suggestions for the Pride and Prejudice, the Musical Contest. So far we have 20 very interesting entries! The contest remains open until March 29th.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter, everyone. I'll be joining you in front of the t.v. set on Sunday night.

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