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Tuesday, March 11

Vote for the Jane Austen Regency World Award Nominees

It’s a red letter day Janeites!

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England has announced the first annual Jane Austen Regency World Awards, and has opened up the voting to Jane Austen’s public!

Nominees have been selected in advance from a variety of categories including best new adaptation, book, and outstanding contributions for 2007.

Vote early, but only once online in the following categories which are open until May 10th, 2008.

1.) Best actor in a Jane Austen adaptation
2.) Best actress in a Jane Austen adaptation
3.) Best new Jane Austen adaptation
4.) Best new Regency ‘Know-How’ book
5.) Best Jane Austen website
6.) Best new Jane Austen fiction book
7.) Outstanding Jane Austen contribution

You might be surprised by some of the nominees. I already have my personal favorites that I am rooting for, and will tip my hat to a certain tall, handsome, and charming male actor in Northanger Abbey who is a shoe-in because he got to play da man. (Extreme prejudice implied)

The awards are being sponsered by the Jane Austen Centre and Bath Aqua Glass. The winners will be announced and awards presented at a black tie dinner event at the Hilton Hotel in Bath on 15th May 2008. If you would like to attend, tickets may be purchased online through the Jane Austen Centre.

Be sure to pass on the word to your Austen friends. It should be an interesting conclusion, and a nice honor to the productions and people that influenced our Jane Austen experience in 2007.

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