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Wednesday, April 23

Austen Quiz: Which Hero Would You Hook Up With?

Hmm? Could you live on nothing but love? Are you dangerous, practical or prissy. Do you value friendship first in a relationship, or crave the grand passion? Discover your suitability to Austen's heroes in this short quiz!

posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Ms. Place said...

I had no idea where my choices might lead to - Mr. Darcy! Fun quiz, Laurel Ann.

Luciana said...

Cool! I've got Mr. Darcy! And I really thought that it wouldn´t be him! A very good quiz, better than a lot others out there.

kaye dacus said...

As I expected (and hoped), I am persuaded to believe the quiz results are correct:

"Captain Wentworth. Persuasion's Captain Frederick Wentworth is a noble man, loving despite rejection. Like most spurned men, he has been angry and spiteful, but never inconstant."


Laurie Viera Rigler said...

Never thought I'd end up with Edward Ferrars. Always thought I was a Capt. Wentworth/Darcy/Knightley sort of girl. Go figure!

Dina said...

I got Mr. Darcy too. :)

Mr. Darcy. Pride and Prejudice's FitzWilliam Darcy is aloof, but he feels deeply. If he loves you, he's made up his mind for good, though you may not have noticed that that's how he feels. He is, of course, rather too convinced of his own worth and tends towards snobbery, but he has a good heart and will marry you despite what his relations might think.