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Saturday, April 5

Seen on the Blogosphere: Regency Hairstyles and Fashions

In Timely Fashion links to blogs that show how period hairstyles are created, including those in the regency era. Lorajean photographed a regency hairstyle with a bandeau similar to those worn in Emma by Gwyneth Paltrow and Toni Collette, but she added a modern twist. These links were featured in rapid forum.

L'Empire features Costume Parisien fashion plates from 1798 to 1828. The web master politely asks that these wonderfully sorted images not be reproduced by others. (The 1802 Costume Parisien image on the right does not come from that collection.)

The Costumer's Manifesto has been around for a long time. Worth visiting is the section entitled: Men With Big Hair: The Costume Movie Site, where the author minces no words about costume dramas, including the Jane Austen adaptations made in recent decades.

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Lorajean said...

Those Parisian fashion plates were amazing!

Basel said...

Really lovely blog.

Our fashion plates have moved to

Katy said...

What about the story??...I mean I need work in my university with the book ..but I don´t have time to read... is there very much different between the film (2008)and the book??? I'm sorry if my english is so bad..Im chilean