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Saturday, May 17

Cranford Widow and Spinster Match

Ah, Cranford. A town filled with strong but kind-hearted women who ruled their tiny corner of the universe until the railway destroyed their tranquility. In reality, the actresses who play Cranford’s spinsters and widows lead an entirely different life. Can you connect statements 1-7 (see below) with actress A-G?

A. Eileen Atkins B. Francesca Annis C. Emma Fielding

D. Imelda Staunton E. Judi Dench

F. Julia Mckenzie G. Leslie Manville
  1. In real life she is married to Cranford’s Captain Brown and sang a duet with Hugh Laurie in Peter’s Friends.

  2. She lived with 1992’s Heathcliff. He also played the Prince of Denmark.

  3. She acted with Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic in The Philadelphia Story, and her career will soon take a mysterious new turn.

  4. She was Gary Oldman’s wife in 1988’s The Firm (no, not the Tom Cruise movie) and in real life.

  5. She starred opposite Rufus Sewell in Arcadia, and was a class mate with Greg Wise at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

  6. She wore practically next to nothing in the 1968 adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  7. This Cranford town spinster or widow wore the outfit on the right to a recent LA screening of the film
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1-2 Correct: Try again next time
3-4 Correct: You must be a Masterpiece Classic fan
5-6 Correct: Amazing
7 Correct: Genius/You are entirely too obsessed with Cranford

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