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Saturday, May 3

Jane Austen Jealous of Georgette Heyer? Never!

My Jane Austen action doll is acting mighty jealous these days. SourceBooks is reissuing Georgette Heyer classics during the following months, and all six, including other books about and by Georgette, are crowding Jane's books off one of my Austen research shelves.

False Colours (March 2008) When Christopher “Kit” Fancot is asked by his financially desperate mother to masquerade as his missing twin brother, Evelyn—Kit never expects to fall in love with Evelyn’s betrothed, Cressy Stavely! In order to save his family’s reputation, Kit agrees, and goes to meet “his” fiancée’s matriarch grandmother. Little does he know—Cressy might know more than she lets on!

Friday’s Child (April 2008) After being denied by the incomparable Miss Milbourne, Lord Sherrington decides to marry the next woman he sees…That lucky lady happens to be Miss Hero Wantage—penniless and hopelessly romantic. Can the two work through a marriage of convenience, or is there an attraction there neither expected? Lord Sherrington’s beautiful young bride finds herself in the middle of a world she only dreamed of, with the man she’s spent most of her life admiring.

The Spanish Bride (April 2008) Based on a true story of cross-continental love during the Napoleonic Wars, Heyer rakes her readers on a journey following Jauna Smith, young wife of Brigade-Major Harry Smith as she travels with the Duke of Wellington’s forces. Jauna effortlessly charms the troops and their wives all the while teasing and pleasing her straight-laced new husband. Heyer’s research skills shine in her descriptions of life as a traveling military wife!

A Lady of Quality (May 2008) Independent and beautiful Annis Wychwood enjoys her rich and single life in Bath, until runaway heiress Lucilla Carleton comes to Annis for refuge, and possibly a little direction in her young life. With an overbearing guardian in Oliver Carleton, Lucilla disrupts Annis’ comfortable existence—but brings her a little bit of warmth to her heart by way of romance!

Black Sheep (June 2008) Almost a spinster, Abigail Wendover is in the midst of a family scandal when her young niece is smitten with a known fortune hunter. Trying to help her fragile sister keep the peace, Abbie finds an ally in Miles Calvery—black sheep of his estranged family, and uncle of her niece’s pursuer. Both of them consider themselves ineligible for love—but will their feelings find otherwise?

Royal Escape (June 2008) One of her most famous historical tales, Georgette Heyer tells the story of Charles II as he travels to France after the defeat of the Catholic King. Hiding in the English Countryside as a peasant for almost 6 weeks, “Bonnie Prince Charlie” befriends two young women, who aid him in his escape as an exiled King.

Never fear, Jane Austen. Your books and biographies about your life are still my favorite night time reading (Can you find Ms. Place?) ...
... and a ton of new books about you, your life, and era are double parked just above my computer.
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However, to be fair to Ms. Heyer's scintillating and sparkling take on the Regency world, we will be reviewing her new reissues and will keep you posted! Stay tuned for a Janeite's thoughts about Friday's Child, and a history buff's take on Royal Escape. Coming to this blog soon.

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Rash said...

Lol@the Austen action doll. They (Austen and Heyer) are both sprakling, in different ways.