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Friday, May 23

Mr. Elton to Host Masterpiece Mystery Series on PBS!

What a pleasant surprise! Mr. Elton (Alan Cumming), the Reverend of Highbury in the movie version of Jane Austen's novel Emma has taken a second job hosting the newly redecorated PBS series Mystery. One wonders what Mrs. Elton thinks of her caro sposa’s scheme, and are concerned who will carry her parasol and find her gloves in his absence!

You can read the announcement of Tony Award winning actor Alan Cumming as the new host of Masterpiece Mystery on their web site. Be sure to check out the three videos; Backstage with host Alan, Alan on public broadcasting, and Alan on acting for a unique perspective from a talented Scotsman, who has had a very eclectic career.

Good luck Mr. Elton with your new job. Please be sure to duck when you break the news to the wife!

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