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Friday, May 16

WINNERS of The Jane Austen Regency World Awards

Winners announced at the first annual

Jane Austen Regency World Awards

Presented last night at a ceremony in Bath, there are (in our minds) some surprises. Janeites had their say, and the votes have been tallied, and the winners are

BEST NEW FILM: Becoming Jane

BEST ACTOR: James McAvoy

BEST ACTRESS: Anne Hathaway


by Patricia Hannon

BEST NEW FICTION: Me and Mr. Darcy, by Alexandra Potter

Posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Dina said...

I'm so happy that Becoming Jane, James McAvoy & Anne Hathaway won!

Sibylle said...

Is this a joke ?

Laurel Ann said...

Hi Sibylle, no joke. Honest! If I am reading your meaning clearly, I was as shocked as you with the winners. NO one that I voted for won. You think that someone who writes on two Austen related blogs would have some small affinity with the Jane Austen voting public! Geesh, I'm feeling like I am on my own Jane Austen island! LOL! Cheers, Laurel Ann

Ms. Place said...

I can't quibble with the best "know how" book, but it is as Laurel Ann said - none of my votes won.

Amy P said...

Wow. Not one thing that I voted for won. Not only that, some things won that I was positive wouldn't. Weird.

becca said...


Beth R. said...

No one I voted for won either, so you aren't alone on your island Laurel Ann!

Peta said...

As someone who has read "Me and Mr Darcy" I can only assume that there was one entrant in the category...