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Wednesday, June 25

Where Are They Now? James McAvoy - From Atonement to Action Hero

In a recent Just Jared! post James McAvoy reveals that the six pack he sports in his new action movie,Wanted, is real. In just a few years, James has built a solid film career, wowing critics as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan in the Last King of Scotland, fluttering Jane Austen's heart in Becoming Jane, and playing the doomed lover in Atonement. James' role in Wanted represents his first foray as an action hero in an A-list movie. At the start of the film, James as Wesley Gibson, plays a mild-mannered office geek whose boring life is falling apart. He then learns that a father he had always assumed dead had recently been assassinated, and from that moment on Wesley's life is never the same again. Starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, who recruit Wesley into their assassin's camp, the buzz surrounding this film is that it's a winner. I adore drawing room comedies and foreign films whose plots are based on relationships, but even I am tempted to see the film when it comes out this weekend. To learn more about the movie, click on an interview with James in the first link, and the film's trailer in the second link. If you plan on seeing the movie, tell us what you think afterward!

UPDATE: The movie's a hit! Taking in over 51 million on opening day. Critics think that Angelina Jolie is the reason why people are flocking to theatres, but Janeites know better. The males might well be ogling Ms. Jolie, but their spouses and girlfriends, who did not need to be dragged along to see an action flick this time, are focused on James.

Interview about Wanted with James McAvoy

Movie Trailer

Read more about James and Wanted in the following links:
Posted by Vic, Ms. Place


nigel said...

Getting a lot of promotion in Australia too!

Dina said...

What a pleasant surprise to see James here again. :)

I'm planning on seeing Wanted tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

And this is Miss Austen’s (Anne Hathaway’s) getting “smart” on new movie:

Vic (Ms. Place) said...

Thanks, anon. I should have included her! The Becoming Jane alumns are finding true successes this season!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Ooo, I'm so excited about Wanted. I'm not a huge action movie fan either, but I'll make an exception for Mr. McAvoy any day!!