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Sunday, July 13

Seen on the Blogosphere

If you own an iphone or ipod touch, you can download novels from ereader for only 99 cents. The selections are available through itunes. In the following post, Appengines E reader - Ephone Reader, the author describes how easy it was to download Emma and read its pages. At 99 cents, reading Jane Austen any time any where certainly seems like a bargain!

Laundry in the Regency at Regency Ramble goes into quite some detail about the topic. To add to your knowledge about how clothes were cleaned in days of yore, check out my post entitled Every Day Chores of Laundry and Scullery Maids, and Washer Women.

Sometimes a blog is simply gorgeous to look at, but this one is also informative. The title says it all: Antique Costumes and Textiles: Collectable, Hangable, Wearable.

Jane Austen was born during the mid-Georgian era, when this absolutely breathtaking blog,Versailles and More, is set.

Finally, here is an Index of the History of Fashion (Regency Period) with fashion plates that include Germany and Italian dress of the era. The differences in dress detail are fascinating.

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Posted by Vic, Ms. Place


Mags said...

It should probably be pointed out that Jane Austen's novels (and thousands of other public domain texts) are available for free in various sites. I believe eReader for the iPhone will support these texts very soon, and there will be a Mobipocket port for iPhone as well.

Vic (Ms. Place) said...

Great point, mags. In fact, Mollands provides Jane Austen etexts for free, and one can only hope iphone owners will find that site and start downloading all of Jane's texts there as soon as they are able!