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Saturday, July 19

Sew What did Regency Clothing Items Cost? And Other Sundry Topics

Want to know how much items of clothing cost in Jane's day, or more about fashion terminology? Click on this teacher link and find out! Scroll down to the July 8th post entitled: Accessing Austen Part 2: What the Heck is a Pelisse?

Pemberley Pleasures published a post featuring the Jane Austen fabrics discussed on a Pemberley Board. Click on the link to view the samples year by year.

If you think your little girl will look adorable dressed like a Regency miss, check out the next site. Ruby Lane is selling a Laura Ashley pattern that will make her look 19th-century prim and proper.

Margo's reproduction items includes a fabric that faintly echoes the brown oak leaf pattern used to make Jane Austen's real life pelisse coat.

You can make a replica of Jane Austen's beautiful quilt, which can be seen at Chawton Cottage. Rosalee Clark created a pattern with instructions.

Bear Paws Quilts features Jane Austen reproduction fabrics with names like the Chawton Collection, Darcy Collection, and Winchester Collection. If you are into quilting, as Jane was, check the choices here.

Satin Moon also lists Jane Austen themed fabrics, and a theme called Wuthering Heights. Click here and scroll to view the choices.

Jane Austen Quilted Wall Hanging provides links to individual embroidery designs, like Writing a Letter, Dancing Girl, and Walk. (At right.)

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