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Friday, August 15

Mansfield Park Madness Begins @ Austenprose

17 Days of Great Give-aways!

Jane Austen’s most mysteriously misunderstood novel will be given a fair shake as the blog Austenprose endeavours to unravel it’s charms and short-comings (are there any?) in a 17 day blog event, Mansfield Park Madness, August 15-31, 2008. This Mansfield Park 101 will feature discussions of the novel, movie adaptations and book sequels geared for the novice reader, but also open to all levels of literature lovers and Janeites alike.

Amazingly, there will also be 17 days of great give-aways of books, movies and Jane Austen ephemera to the lucky winners. To qualify for the daily drawings, just join in the conversation by leaving a comment in a post. The complete details are available here.

Don’t miss out on your chance for all the fun discussions and give-aways at Mansfield Park Madness. Please join us - because gentle Fanny Price has requested your attendance and does not want to be viewed as insipid any longer!

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose

Upcoming Posts
Day 1 – Aug 15 MPM introduction
Day 2 - Aug 16 MP novel discussion chapters 1-8
Day 3 – Aug 17 MP 1983 movie review and discussion
Day 4 – Aug 18 MP Naxos (Juliet Stevenson) audio


nigel said...

Dear Ms Place and Laurel Anne,

Thank you for your Blog and your excellent efforts to keep us informed. How good are you!

Dina said...

Nigel, you spoke for me as well.

Thank you!

Laurel Ann said...

Hello Nigel and Dina, You are most welcome. Vic and I quite well and ejoying our summer blogging along on Jane's behalf! Thanks for dropping in.

Cheers, Laurel Ann

Aranel said...

Thank you! Do we comment here on Jane Austen Today or on Austenprose?