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Thursday, August 7

Mrs. Elton in America

Mrs. Elton in America by Diana Birchall is now available for order as either a printed book or a download from Source Books or at Diana is so excited, for the cover looks smashing and stunning. To Diana this painting of the Duchesse de Berry by the noted female painter Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun is Mrs. Elton in the flesh. "So elegant...yet the woman has that little bit of a vulgar look. You could not ask for a more stunningly eye catching cover, I think!"

In this book Mrs. Elton crosses the Atlantic Ocean with her caro sposo and children. She enjoys high comedic adventures in Boston and New York society, makes a sobering visit to a Southern slave state, and sojourns among the Comanche Indians. Her trip to America is the talk of Highbury...

For new visitors to this blog, Diana Birchall is the featured writer in Mrs. Elton Sez, in which she answers questions posed to her. If you have a question for Mrs. Elton, please send it in. She will be happy to answer it to the best of her ability. For previous Mrs. Elton Sez letters, click on the above link.

To understand our mini infatuation with this slightly vulgar, sometimes misunderstood and often irritating character, read In Defense of Mrs. Elton in the Jane Austen Centre's Online Magazine.

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