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Sunday, October 26

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

Our closest Jane Austen Throwdown Match EVER was between Mr. Collins and Mr. Elton last week, but in the end there was no contest. Consistently over the week Mr. Collins won the dubious distinction of driving 57% of his congregation from his parish. Ouch!

Let us leave these clueless men of God, and consider more mundane, but ever more fascinating matters - fashion. Who is the best dressed woman in your eyes?

Most Fashionable Woman

Miss Eleanor Tilney, Northanger Abbey

In days of yore a lady of fashion needed laundresses and maids to take on the hard chore of keeping one's white dresses in immaculate condition. Water was laboriously hauled from a well or nearby stream then boiled so that clothes could be properly cleaned. Miss Tilney always dressed in white or or a light color, thus her attire denoted not only purity but wealth. Aside from being a nice lady, Ms. Tilney oozed social cache and was quite the catch, though we suspect her modesty was the key to her goodness.

Miss Mary Crawford, Mansfield Park

The always exciting and interesting Mary Crawford was a a woman of wealth and privilege; she also, possessed a refined sense of fashion. Lively and sophisticated, Mary attracted Edmund Bertram, a genuinely religious, caring and wholesome man. Miss Crawford was the epitome of a woman of her times - she could walk, ride, dance, and play games. Let us say Mary looked good even though she had a hard time charming Fanny Price with her wit and taste. free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Most Fashionable Lady
Miss Eleanor Tilney Miss Mary Crawford

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nigel said...

Mary Crawford because she is a lot more flamboyant than Tilney.
I was trying to think of a modern day comparison?

Heather Carroll said...

I am still loving your throwdowns, I'll be so sad if you ever run out of characters to bout!

Faith said...

I, too, am enjoying the throwdowns.

Miss Tilney got my vote. Miss Crawford has very fine taste & clothing, however I believe that a truly fashionable woman isn't noticed for her clothing. She looks fine without being flamboyant in her fineness.

Janeen said...

Definitely Miss Tilney for me! Such elegance and grace! She always is described classic dressed in white!

shellian said...

I chose Miss Mary Crawford as most fashionable - she sullies the air of the Countryside with the jaded fume of Town. Miss Tilney may be well dressed, but unprepared to swim with the sharks of the fasionable world. If the question were "Whom would you prefer as a friend" Miss Tilney is a sure winner, but Miss Crawford wears the tiara of fashion.