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Thursday, October 16

Seen on the Blogosphere

Lost in Austen goes Canadian. Our lucky northern neighbors will get to view Lost in Austen on Viva, a new channel aimed at women aged 40-64. Younger women will like the series too. Let's hope it is shown in the U.S. soon. Meanwhile, peruse our archived LiA posts here. Enjoy.

PBS's Masterpiece Contemporary will be showing the 3rd installment of The Last Enemy this Sunday at nine p.m. I've viewed all five shows with a friend, and we both agree that the story picks up considerably in this episode. We finally start to care for the major characters, which is especially important with such a cerebral plot. View the episodes you missed at this site! Reviews of the series sit in our sidebar.

I cannot resist sharing this site: Children's Books Online. Most come illustrated, and some come with audio as well. The books are categorized from Pre-reader to Adult. The Rosetta Project is an all volunteer organization. Check them out!

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Image: Lost in Austen - the Bennet Sisters, Jane, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia.


Christine said...

YAY! I'm so excited!!! The press release also says they're going to air an Austen production after each episode - S&S, MP, Emma, and PP!!!

nigel said...

I was in my library when reading your post and the librarians were very interested in the childrens book link. Passing on the thanks from the Richmond-Tweed Regional Library.