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Monday, October 13

The Ultimate Mr. Darcy Gift - to give or keep!

Every Darcy fan must be in want of this gift!

Set contains:
- Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange - allow him to tell you how ardently he admires and loves her/you.
- Mr Darcy Bookmark - A favourite and best-selling Darcy item
- Mr Darcy Magnet - with Pride and Prejudice quotation
- Mr Darcy Keyring - So he will be with you wherever you go.
- Mr Darcy Luxury Writting set - Scribe as the mistress of Pemberly
- Mr Darcy Portrait Postcard

Available from The Jane Austen Centre giftshop online!

posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Felicia said...

If I received a gift such as this for Christmas/Birthday or whatever, I would be in such spasms! I would be in need of my smelling salts to be sure! (But boy would I be happy!)

Heather Carroll said...

How did I miss this when I was there! I think it must have been because I was with a bunch of goofy girls (myself included) going gooey over every other Darcy reference that was plastered throughout the space!