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Sunday, November 30

Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Just Rewards

It was fun to see how many town vs. country folks voted for their favorite Jane Austen resort. The vote was our closest throwdown yet: 50-50, with Lyme Regis consistently edging Bath out by one or more votes. This week, we return to the human characters in Jane Austen's novels.

These two spoiled and hoydenish women acted on impulse, defying society's strictures, but neither fared well in the end. This week's throwdown asks you to decide: which lady received just punishment for her unconventional actions? Maria Rushworth (née Bertram) or Lydia Wickham (née Bennet)?
Just Reward

Maria Rushworth (née Bertram), Mansfield Park

Even married she could not leave well enough alone, craving Henry Crawford's affections. While he merely dallied with her, Maria gambled all - her reputation, marriage, and standing in the family - to be with him. As a reward for a few moments of dubious bliss, she was condemned to a lifetime of living with Mrs. Norris and exile from her family.

Lydia Wickham (née Bennet), Pride and Prejudice

Lydia's silly brain could not fathom that Mr.Wickham never intended to marry her. Her self-delusion went so far as to behave as if nothing was amiss when she visited her family shortly after her shotgun wedding. One knows that neither character will elevate the other, that they will always spend beyond their means, and that the unhappy course of their marriage will reflect its sordid start. free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Just Reward
Maria Rushworth (nee Bertram) Lydia Wickham (nee Bennet)

1 comment:

laura said...

Lydia may be unaware of the state of her marriage, which is bad, but Maria Bertram is condemned to be forever with Mrs. Norris, which noone should have to endure. That's definitely not a just punishment. Then again I like to think that Maria redeemed herself...maybe fell in love with a proper guy and stayed faithful to him forever...and maybe even start her own business. Maybe her own regency fashion line, if that existed? ;)