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Monday, November 3

Seen on the Blogosphere

Olivia Williams as Jane Austen in Miss Austen Regrets was shown to drink a glass of wine or two, and Jane herself mentioned drinking orange wine in a letter to her sister. Seen on the blogosphere is the Jane Austen Drinking Game developed by the Comedy Scientists of Mostly Water Theatre. The troupe thanks Marnie Main for her literary acumen. Some of the rules include:

- The offer of an inadequate dowry - take one drink.

- Any show of conceited independence (ie. walking instead of taking a carriage, allowing oneself to be rained on, going anywhere unescorted, voicing an opinion) - take one drink.

- Small dogs - take one drink per dog.

And more! Click here to view all the rules.


Janeen said...

ha ha Very funny!

laura said...

*wipes tear from eye*
that was AMAZING.