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Thursday, December 18

Fabulous Brock Images of Jane Austen's Sense And Sensiblity

Many websites and blogs provide C.E. Brock illustrations of Jane Austen novels. All Edges Gilt, a blog devoted to book illustrations, offers large closeup image files of Sense And Sensibility illustrations in the following posts: One and Two.

At this link, you can download two S&S images in these sizes:

315x500 52K; 424x674 94K; 566x900 191K; 755x1200 233K; and 1007x1600 490K

Image title: The gentleman offered his services, took her up in his arms, and carried her down the hill. (Willoughby and Marianne.)

Source: Austen, Jane: "Works of Jane Austen" (1906)

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Joseph Woodard said...

How fitting the Mr. Willoughby's dogs can traverse the hill, yet not the feeble Marianne! And how convenient for Austen's narration that Margaret had already made it down the hill...

The Sanity Inspector said...

Belated thanks for the links!