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Thursday, January 15

Congratulations, Golden Globe Winner Tom Wilkinson

We've already featured the fabulously talented Kate Winslet and Sally Hawkins in previous Golden Globe Winners posts. We now turn our attention to Tom Wilkinson, winner of the Golden Globes as Benjamin Franklin in the mini-series, John Adams. Tom played a brief scene as Mr. Dashwood as he lay dying in 1995's Sense and Sensibility, asking John Dashwood to make sure his wife and daughters are well provided for.

Other Golden Globe nominees

Anne Hathaway

With her performance in Rachel Getting Married, Anne's star is on the rise. Last year she played Jane Austen in Becoming Jane, a fairy tale about Jane's life. While the film was a success with the public, many Janeites found it wanting.

Emma Thompson

Can the incomparable Emma Thompson do any wrong when it comes to her film roles? Nominated for her performance in Last Chance Harvey, Emma wrote an award winning script for 1995's Sense and Sensibility, in which she played Elinor Dashwood. Lucky Emma. While filming that movie she won Greg Wise's love and they married. If you recall, Greg played the handsome and dashing cad Willoughby.

Learn more about the Golden Globe winners here.

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Jane Odiwe said...

I always thought Willoughby had his good points!

Deleilan said...

Well done Tom Wilkinson!
(And lucky Emma Thompson!)
Speaking of, I always thought Hans Matheson (LOVE that photo of him in the post above!) would make a great Willoughby... certainly closer to the character than Dominic Cooper.

Lynn said...

I always thought Tom was great !

As for Greg Wise, I am a bit suspicious of his motives (like Willoughby, spurning penniless Marianne for a rich girl)...but I am glad the wonderful Emma is happy with him !

Charleybrown said...

I just ordered John Adams from Ebay so can't wait to see it!

I love that "Promises are made to be broken" picture! Did you create that? Are there others? I've always loved those motivational posters and I'd love to see variations on them with period dramas...too cute!