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Tuesday, January 6

Seen on the Blogosphere

Social Taboos: Regency Etiquette Rules Quiz sets up seven scenarios and asks you which regency etiquette rules were broken. The post starts with this phrase:

"It is November 17, 2008. "You" are a young woman, unmarried and under the age of thirty. During the course of your day today, you have done the following ..."

Can you anticipate what this person did wrong in regency terms? Click here to get started.

Image: "Admiration" from The Matrimonial Ladder

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Heather Carroll said...

That got my attention! Not only am I spinster by regency standards but probably break regency rules so regularly poor Jane would turn in her grave. Maybe it's my crass mouth that is keeping me a spinster....

Janeen said...

ha ha ~ That was fun! Sounds like I'd make it in Bath too.