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Monday, February 16

Crystallized Beauty: Music to Accompany Your Enjoyment of Jane Austen

Phillip Sheppard is a composer who specializes in film and television soundtracks. A while back he wrote a piece called Crystallized Beauty for solo piano, which has become quite popular. If you listen to it on this Jane Austen trailer you will realize that you have heard it before:

Listen to the full length track of Crystallized Beauty on Phillip's blog. In this post he also offers another beautiful piece of music based on the idea of an empty drawing room at night. Phillip is soliciting names for this as yet unnamed piece, the more literary the better.

Sigh! I could listen to these two lovely musical piano pieces over and over as I reread Jane Austen's books.


Scheharazade said...

Your blog is amazing !^^

Rebecca said...

Thank you for this link! Lovely!

~Aileen Ma~ said...

Love this song :) Simply must check out the artist.

Anonymous said...

All the piano pieces are on one page now:

best wishes