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Sunday, February 15

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

Last week you preferred Meryton over Highbury. I wonder how much the militia's presence influenced your choice? Here's the situation for the next throwdown: You've finished a tasty 3-course meal with fine company and are looking forward to after-dinner entertainment. Who would you prefer to listen to: Jane Fairfax at the piano or Mary Crawford at the harp? Both women are talented and well educated, and you really can't go wrong choosing either one. So, please vote for your
Favorite performer

Jane Fairfax, Emma
Jane was not only educated in the ways of a lady (and eminently suited to become a governess), but she had a fine voice and extraordinary talent for playing the pianoforté. One day, a large-sized square pianoforté arrived from Broadwood's to the great astonishment of both Miss Bates and Miss Fairfax. Its arrival was entirely unexpected, and there was speculation as to who was responsible for its appearance. Later Mrs. Weston observes to Emma about Mr. Knightley that he was "Such an admirer of her performance on the pianoforté, and of her voice! I have heard him say that he could listen to her for ever." I think we could too.

Mary Crawford, Mansfield Park
Miss Crawford is described as a young woman, pretty, lively, with a harp as elegant as herself. Well educated, with a sharp wit and lively mind, she made an elegant figure near the window playing a harp: "Miss Crawford's attractions did not lessen. The harp arrived, and rather added to her beauty, wit, and good-humour; for she played with the greatest obligingness, with an expression and taste which were peculiarly becoming, and there was something clever to be said at the close of every air. Edmund was at the Parsonage every day, to be indulged with his favourite instrument: one morning secured an invitation for the next; for the lady could not be unwilling to have a listener." The sight and sound of Mary playing was "enough to catch any man's heart." free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Favorite Performer
Jane Fairfax Mary Crawford


nigel said...

Another tough call!

But I think if Mr Knightly sets the example then I should do the same. Knightly metaphorically
"raises the bar" in being a gentlemen. So Jane Fairfax it is.

Never liked that Crawford women in spite of her accomplishments. Ergh!

Lynn said...

This is an easy one...
The talented, self contained,tolerant,patient,
long suffering Jane Fairfax.

I detest Mary Crawford and her equally horrible brother !

sandyquill said...

This time I voted for Mary Crawford. Not caring for her as a character, I believe her acclaim as a performer were well noted. And a harp is an exceedingly difficult instrument to master!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lynne that this is an easy one, and mind that I do not detest the Crawfords and strangely enough, I have never been able to warm towards Jane Fairfax, but to give each one her own, Jane Fairfax is a truly talented musician and perhaps only Anne and Georgiana could be compared to her as performers. Instead, IMHO Mary C is more show than true talent.


Faith said...

Miss Fairfax wins my vote. She is a lovely performer without requiring constant adoration and praise. This is infinitely to be preferred above a performer (of any quality) who is clamouring for both.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Mary. Even though I generally prefer piano to harp, and even though I'm not a great fan of Mary, I think that the "long suffering" trait about Jane Fairfax doesn't go well with one's pleasure from a performance. I imagine Mary would play with more spirit and true pleasure.

Katxena said...

I voted for Miss Fairfax. I think I'd be more interested in hearing Miss Crawford play the harp, but at some point it seems likely that she'd stop playing and start talking, which I couldn't abide. Miss Fairfax is less likely to talk, but if she did I would treasure every word.