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Monday, February 9

Seen on the Blogosphere

Our other blogs Jane Austen's World and Austenprose have been reviewing Masterpiece Classic's second airing of Sense and Sensibility, and a new book tentitled Jane Austen Ruined My Life, which has been getting positive buzz and is now available in book stores.

Check our reviews out at these links:

Reading Jane on the Go

For those who are lucky enough to own Iphones or phones that can download just about anything, including ebooks, you are in for a treat. Google has released 1.5 million free ebooks that are in the public domain for download. Now you can read your Jane Austen where ever you go. If you're a techie, this article explains how the process is done and how you can skim over reams of pages.


Nigel tells us that our friends Down Under are being treated to Cranford, a must-see adaptation of three of Elizabeth Gaskell's novels. For our Aussie friends, please click here to read our reviews.


Lynn said...

I wonder why it takes so long for our Aussie friends to get so many of these shows ?

Cranford was just a wonderful, top notch production !

Cat said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I loved every minute I spent here.


Vic said...

Thanks, Cat. Thanks, Lynn.

nigel said...

Looking forward to the Railway coming to Cranford because I think steam trains are romantic!

Not so good for the environment though?

Why does it take so long to get the latest shows in Aus.?

We spend too much time watching football or cricket. Then there is playing in the surf with Dashwood types. My favorate occupation.

Don't worry; no oggling allowed.