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Wednesday, March 25

Bride and Prejudice To Air on Ovation

Ovation, the Arts Network, is rapidly becoming my favorite cable channel. Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood version of Jane Austen's classic, will be shown on Friday 27th March at 8:00pm EDT.
If you liked Bend it Like Beckham, then you will like this film by the same director, Gurinder Chada. If you loved the musical ending of Slumdog Millionaire, then you will love the musical numbers in this film. Martin Henderson is a yummy Mr. Darcy and Aishwarya Rai is a breathtakingly beautiful Lalita (Lizzy). Read a fine synopsis of the movie here.

The Bakshi (Bennet) Sisters

Jaya (Jane) and her Mr. Bingley

Mr.Wickham and Mr. Kohli (Collins)

The Bakshi (Bennet) Family

Darcy and Lalita

View one of the musical numbers in this clip - No Life Without Wife


sandyquill said...

I was really surprised by this movie. I didn't want to see it at all (oh no, can't do a Bollywood version of my favorite novel EVER!) but my husband, wonder of wonders, watched it w/o me. He really enjoyed it and said I had to see parts of it, anyway.

And I did. And I was hooked "against my reason and even against my character."

Rachel said...

Austen with flavor.

Ruth said...

I absolutely love this movie, it's so much fun! Thanks for inspiring me to dig out my DVD copy - it has been neglected of late.

iselldreams said...

Being both a Jane Austen and a Bollywood fan, i really enjoyed the movie...

Charleybrown said...

I saw B&P when I was on a Bollywood binge and couldn't believe my luck...what? Bollywood AND Jane??? Perhaps my high expectations hampered my enjoyment but I thought it failed to hit the mark. I am however, prepared to give it a second chance.

giddymomof6 said...

Sigh! Love this one! Own it! Jenni

Blarney Girl said...

B&P is one of my favorites!!