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Thursday, March 26

Seen on the Blogosphere

Idgie wearing The Mathematical is a photo not to be missed.

The dog is wearing a cravat tied in The Mathematical as a result of an assignment that student Jessica posted on her Costume History Page. It looks to be quite accurate, according to The Necklothitania, a satirical 1818 pamphlet about cravats. The description is as follows:

The Mathematical
The Mathematical Tie (or Triangular Tie), is far less severe than the former. There are three creases in it. One coming down from under each ear, till it meets the kust or bow of the neckcloth, and a third in an horizontal direction, stretching from one of the side indentures to the other. The height, that is how far, or near the chin is left to the wearers pleasure. This tie does not occassion many accidents.The colour best suited to it, is called couleur de la cuisse d’une nymphe emue.’

I hope that for their trouble, Jessica and Idgie received an "A".

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1 comment:

Heather Carroll said...

What a good dog! If I were to attempt the mathematical on my pooch the process would look something like a wrestling match that I undoubtedly would loose.