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Sunday, March 29

Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Who is the most insufferable?

Last week's throwdown was almost a character assassination, in which you preferred the Meryton Assembly over the Crown Inn Ball by a wide margin. This week we concentrate on two individuals who do NOT warm the cockles of our hearts: two haughty and rich spinsters who have yet to attract a man despite their fine connections and upbringing. Our question this week is
Which woman is the most insufferable?

Caroline Bingley, Pride and Prejudice

Charles Bingley's younger sister is rich, snobbish and attractive, but not particularly talented or smart. Feeling superior in every way to the Bennet sisters, she cannot understand Mr. Darcy's attraction to Elizabeth and disparages her at every opportunity. Her father's money comes from trade, but in an age when great fortunes matter almost as much as connections and breeding, the Bingleys move among the social elite. She will bring to her husband an impressive marriage portion, as well as her insufferable pride. As two-faced as they come, she pretends to like Jane while secretly undermining her relationship with Bingley, who she hopes will marry Georgiana Darcy.

Elizabeth Elliot, Persuasion

Elizabeth Elliot comes from good breeding and her family is mentioned in Debrett's Baronatege, but her father has squandered the family fortune. A striking woman, well-connected, and her father's hostess, she possesses a high opinion of herself, lording it over her younger sisters. Like her father, she is vain and primarily concerned with keeping up appearances and associating with the right sort of people. Nearing thirty, haughty Elizabeth is staring spinsterhood in the face, for no one except William Elliot (who has rejected her) is of high enough birth to suit her taste. free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Most Insufferable
Caroline Bingley Elizabeth Elliot


sandyquill said...

I voted for Elizabeth Elliot, though my cursor hovered for a few moments in indecision. Whereas Caroline Bingley truly is selfish snobbery personified, she is also a sister who looks out for what she sees as the best interests of her family. Elizabeth Elliot isn't even a decent sister.

And, I confess, I'd probably vote for Anne's other sister, Mary, as being worse than Caroline, too. Just cannot abide those women.

Anonymous said...

I also woted for Elizabeth Elliot. She is a real bitch and amazingly nasty! She don't care about no one more than herself. I believe that most of the people who reads Persuasion feel angry about her manners towars poor Anne.

nigel said...

Yes, Elizabeth Elliot is a spoilt brat!

However it is interesting how "Lost in Austen" portrayed Caroline Bingly as a lesbian. Should it matter?

Definately NOT.
But may explain her behaviour?

Lynn said...

Elizabeth Elliot is my pick also...proud, vain, cruel in her comments and not at all a loving sister or daughter, she is someone who might be very connected in society, but to me. she is a very sour and sorry excuse of womanhood !

Vic, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog while I was in California...I missed this blog so much and all of the wonderful friends here !

Leave it to Nigel to mention the twist "Lost in Austen" took with reguard to Caroline Bingley.I will never subscribe to such a thought, even though I detest her as a person, her motives where Charles is concerned are pure. however wrong headed !

Kimberly Ann said...

Wow, what a hard choice. I think I have to go with Elizabeth Elliot but I'm torn....

irenie said...

Well, Caroline did sort of attempt to alert Lizzy to Wickham's facade.

nigel said...

Yes! on reflection Lynn is right about Elizabet Elliot who is just not a nice person (insert dissappionted look).

Lynn said...

Hooray for Nigel !