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Sunday, March 22

Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Assembly Ball I'd Like to Attend

Last week's throwdown was one of our closest, with your votes often tallying 50-50. Your choice depended on whether you preferred a racy two-seater carriage or a larger carriage to squire more people about. This week you are asked to consider which assembly ball you'd prefer to attend: the Meryton Assembly where Jane meets Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy snubs Elizabeth, or the ball arranged by Frank Churchill and Emma Woodhouse at the Crown Inn, and where Mr. Knightley acquited himself well with Harriet Smith. As Mr. Knightley told Emma, "Fine dancing, I believe, like virtue, must be its own reward." The following two descriptions are in Jane Austen's own words:
Assembly Ball I'd Like to Attend

The Meryton Assembly, Pride and Prejudice

"The evening altogether passed off pleasantly to the whole family. Mrs. Bennet had seen her eldest daughter much admired by the Netherfield party. Mr. Bingley had danced with her twice, and she had been distinguished by his sisters. Jane was as much gratified by this as her mother could be, though in a quieter way. Elizabeth felt Jane's pleasure. Mary had heard herself mentioned to Miss Bingley as the most accomplished girl in the neighbourhood; and Catherine and Lydia had been fortunate enough to be never without partners, which was all that they had yet learnt to care for at a ball. "

The Crown Inn Ball, Emma

"The ball proceeded pleasantly. The anxious cares, the incessant attentions of Mrs. Weston, were not thrown away. Every body seemed happy; and the praise of being a delightful ball, which is seldom bestowed till after a ball has ceased to be, was repeatedly given in the very beginning of the existence of this. Of very important, very recordable events, it was not more productive than such meetings usually are." free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Assembly Ball I'd Attend
Meryton Assembly Ball Crown Inn Ball



Voted! For Meryton, of course. I like this blog more and more each day. Great.

~Aileen Ma~ said...

Hands down the Meryton Assembly Ball! It's more informal, loud and fun--and Lizzie and Darcy / Bingley and Jane get their starts here =P (at least I think they do...perhaps should brush up on P&P again =P)

crzylady said...

:( As much as I adore Darcy. I am a little upset I couldn't choose a chance to meet Mr. Tilney - whose tempermant is far more suitable to my sense of humour.

nigel said...

Has to be Meryton Assembly because I have learnt most of the dances featured in the Kiera Knightly, P&P.

I urge and encourage everyone; if you get the chance, to try the dances because they are so much fun and suprisingly sensual too!!!!!

The closet to the Austen world I have been and gives one some empathy for their community spirit.

For men it is a good idea to take your sword of first (*smiles*) even though there are some dances of the era where swords are part of the dance.