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Sunday, March 22

Ovation Channel is Showing Lost in Austen Tonight & Tomorrow

Run don't walk to your nearest Ovation channel and watch the first two Lost in Austen episodes starting at 8 p.m. EST tonight, and episodes 3 & 4 tomorrow night (3-23-09). If you missed them (again) read -
Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Bostan natsuko said...

I really liked the new twist in this movie

Anna said...

Where are you finding these amazing pictures from the show?? First the one of the three leading men, and now this one?? Awesome.

nigel said...

I loved this series too!

Great casting, locations and at the story level, wonderfully entertaining.

But beneath the surface what an excellent critique; on post-feminist gender relations, counter arguments of modernity and bourgeois christian sexual morality?

Yeah! for George Whickham (*big smile*)