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Thursday, March 5

Pride and Prejudice Zombiefied: A Poll

We all know what's coming this April Fool's Day: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. You've read the hype. You've probably already formed an opinion. Now here's your turn to tell us - will you bite? Are you officially beyond stoked, as Entertainment Weekly wrote? Or do you think the idea of Jane as a zombie is so absurd that this satiric book will fall flat and be mocked for all ages?

Studios are betting that you'll part with your coins in droves. They're already bidding for the rights, and the book has yet to hit the stands!
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I'd give half my brain to be among the first to read it.
I'd rather eat my own brain than read it.
Left brain. Right brain. Meh! free polls


Charleybrown said...
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Charleybrown said...

This style of book is not my cup of tea but I do think it will sell judging from the publicity it's received so far. I'm usually game for anything Austen but zombie lit is not for me. I still find it bizarre that Austen and zombies are being mentioned in the same sentence!

Lynn said...

How bizzare and creepy...horror,zombies and Jane Austen characters ? Maybe in an alternate universe, but not in this one !!! As with the Star Wars Prequel movies (all an abomination), I will pretend none of it exsists !

Bostan natsuko said...

I wrote a prereview of this book on my blog and i am just not into the whole making fun of Jane austen's loved book. ITs just my opinion, and i don't think it's that cool.

sweetly, lovely said...

I'm so thrilled I've discovered your blog. I love all things Jane Austen. However, the idea of Miss Austen and zombies...i find the concept altogether uncouth.

nigel said...

Maybe it is a counter culture critique of Western Feminism?

However more likely; just another opportunistic marketing tactic to increase, horror genre, market share.

And I have to disagree with Lynn !
Why can't we take Austen to another universe?

It might be kind of hard to place Chewbacca? But Han Solo might pass for a Darcy and Princess Leia is so Elizabeth Bennet.

I could be wrong :)

Baja Janeite said...

Meh! I love your use of Mexican slang!

Personally, zombies have no appeal to me- even when they are enshrouded with JA's lively characters!

Lynn said...


Could you be wrong ? Since you asked it of yourself, all I can say is, Cry Havoc...the Dogs of War are loose and unflinching Jane Austen fans like me won't give the movie makers a red cent for their productions !

Did I hit a nerve when I compared the Star Wars Prequels ( what a mess those three movies were ) to what devastation they are going to wreak on Pride & Prejudice: Zombiefied ??? A sad commentary and lack of respect for one of the greatest authors who ever put pen to paper !

The only thing I would be interested in knowing ( but never seeing ) is: Who will be eaten first by the Zombies ? I discussed this briefly with a friend today. I have my own list already...DO YOU ?

Hey, VIC, that would make a good poll or throwdown when the time is right !

Whoa, I really did get carried away...Nigel, I guess YOU hit a nerve too !!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't by a book about zombies even without Austen in the title.