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Friday, April 3

Jane Austen Podcast

This is an interesting podcast of an interview with Joan Klingel Ray, a professor and Jane Austen scholar who wrote Jane Austen for Dummies. It was taped just after Becoming Jane came out in movie theaters. Click here to listen to it.

In it the 20 - 30 minute podcast Dr. Ray discusses what happens to women in the Regency era if they do not marry and what happens if they do not marry well. She also talks about how dependent women are on the men in their lives. Surprisingly, one of her favorite characters is Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice. Find out why.

1 comment:

nigel said...

I think Kelly Riley brought a lot of dignity and sophistication to the role of Caroline Bingley (insert look of a quizical brow).

Is Caroline really pernicious as Jane Bennet believes or does she just want her man like everyone else? (*smiles*)

Perhaps I should read Jane Austen for Dummies?


But this would be very accessable for many men. Leave it on his work bench or on the coffe table but don't "push" it.

Better still ask him what a passage means, *smiles,* men love being asked for advice and maybe he will read more?