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Thursday, May 21

Chawton Cottage

So many people have had the pleasure of visiting Jane Austen's house, a cottage in Chawton which is now a museum, and published their pictures of the house and gardens online. These photos by Sarah on Flickr show the wallpaper on the walls (a 1988 pattern by Laura Ashley), a different perspective of her bedroom, and, most interestingly, Jane's silhouette framed and hanging on the wall as well as several silhouettes of her relatives. This photo album on Flickr shows the kitchen garden at Chawton Cottage.

This link leads to a map with more images of Chawton, some quite lovely.

Click here to listen to a 9-minute BBC4 podcast of an interview with Sandy Lerner, the American silicon valley millionaire who purchased Chawton House, located near Chawton Cottage and former home of Jane Austen's brother, and created a women's literary centre and library there. Sandy has read Persuasion 70 times!

"Enter Sandy Lerner. It is, of course, a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Californian, in possession of several hundred million dollars, must be in want of a Project. Ms Lerner, in her late 30s, is a farmer's daughter who in 1984 founded, with her husband, a computer company. They sold control of Cisco in 1990 for dollars 170m ( pounds 110m), and further shares in it for many more millions when it went public a year later. Ms Lerner is reclusive, an animal-rights activist, and claims to hold daily conversations with Disraeli. She has spent dollars 115m setting up a charitable foundation. - Chawton is crumbling as Janeites cross swords, the Independent, UK

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1 comment:

Lynn said...

A bit of an eccentric ( maybe even a little nuts ) but what else would a recluse do with all that dough ???

I wonder what Jane would think ?

BTW, I think I might have her beat on times I've read Pursuasion ( I've read it so many times, I can't remember ! ) LOL