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Wednesday, May 6

Clueless the 2nd?

Seen over the blogosphere: From Yahoo Buzz:

Alicia Siverstone was recently overheard talking to Amy Heckerling, the writer and director of Clueless, the movie that was based loosely on Jane Austen's "Emma."

Cher and her friends would reteam at a high school reunion. Let's hope this isn't a false lead! A new Clueless and a new Emma made in the same year would be beyond ironic. Read the article here: Buzz Log

Click here to see the totally buggin movie trailer.


Bostan said...

I grew up watching the movie.
But i don't know how i would feel if they made another one. I loved Clueless but it might be to weird. MOst of the stars are more famous now, It would be ironic though.

sweetly, lovely said...

I'm always open for a new take on my beloved classics. As long as they're done in good taste and satisfies my romantic heart.:)

Angie said...

I used to love Clueless when I was in high school. I watched it over and over again - and I read Emma over and over again, and yet I still had no idea that Clueless was based on Emma. I guess I'm unobservant, because I never saw the connection between the two until someone pointed it out, and then I felt really stupid for not noticing it before then.

Lynn said...

What more can they do with it ? It would be fun to find out and good taste is a must for me too...Alicia Silverstone is just darling !