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Monday, May 25

Jane Austen's True Love Found?

In the book, Jane Austen; An Unrequited Love, Jane Austen's true love was a clergyman named Dr Samuel Blackall. He and Jane met in 1798 when he was a guest of the Lefroys and the relationship supposedly created a rift between Jane and her sister Cassandra.

According to Dr Andrew Norman, Dr Blackall's letters to friends disclose his wish to pursue a courtship with the young author, but his uncertainty was treated as a snub by Austen.

"There seems no likelihood of his coming into Hampshire this Christmas, and it is therefore most probably that our indifference will soon be mutual, unless his regard, which appeared to spring from knowing nothing of me at first, is best supported by never seeing me," she wrote to her sister Cassandra. -

True or fantasy? Read the article in the Telegraph. co. UK. The author of the book Jane Austen: An Unrequited Love, published by The History Press, is Dr. Andrew Norman, who worked as a family doctor in the UK until 1983. Since then, Dr. Norman has used his diagnostic skills in a different way and become a writer.


nigel said...

If this new source of history is credible how sad for Austen that she could articulate excellence in romance but was unable to achieve it personaly.

Perhaps indicative of post-modernity as well? where romantic security will be relegated to a less fulfilling part of life.

Enid Wilson said...

It seems more and more of Jane's "true loves" are coming to light. I don't know what to believe. But she didn't need to be crossed in love to be a great novelist.

Steamy Darcy

becca said...

Enid, you took the words right out of my mouth and agree with you entirely.