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Saturday, June 20

BBC Sense and Sensibility (1971) Region 1 DVD Available September 29

BBC Video has announced the release of the elusive and never before aired in the US miniseries of Sense and Sensibility produced by the BBC in 1971. Staring Joanna David (Mrs. Gardiner in P&P 95) as Elinor Dashwood and Ciaran Madden as Marianne Dashwood, this three hour miniseries should be a treat for Austen enthusiast in the US who have only heard tales of its existence. Its reappearance on the video scene now requires a re-numbering of Sense and Sensibility movie adaptations, since the 1981 version had been considered the first available - with no hope that this could ever resurface. Now, if the 1967 BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries pops out of the vault, the fan numbering system will have to be remastered too. Here is the cast listing and some great photos from the BBC website. You can pre-order your copy directly from BBC America online.

John Middleton --- Michael Aldridge
Lady Middleton --- Sheila Ballantine
Mary --- Esme Church
Elinor Dashwood --- Joanna David
Mrs. Dashwood --- Isabel Dean
Edward Ferrars --- Robin Ellis
John Willoughby --- Clive Francis
Marianne Dashwood --- Ciaran Madden
Colonel Brandon --- Richard Owens
Mrs. Jennings --- Patricia Routledge
Charlotte Palmer --- Jo Kendall
Rodgers --- Peter Laird
Palmer --- David Strong
Robert Ferrars --- David Belcher
Steele --- Frances Cuka
Master of Ceremonies --- Mischa De La Motte
Fanny Dashwood --- Kay Gallie
John Dashwood --- Milton Johns
Nancy Steele --- Maggie Jones
Doctor Harris --- Clifford Parrish

Directed by David Giles
Adapted by Denis Constanduros
Produced by Martin Lisemore


Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff! And just when I thought my Jane Austen DVD collection was complete. LOL.

Lynn said...

I am so excited about this but will wait to purchase it. Often first copies of long lost or wanted adaptions aren't of the best picture/sound quality.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jennings is Hyacinth from "Keeping Up Appearances!" And Joanna David! Can't wait for this! :)